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Word Sound Power

I am blessed to have known a man named Jerry Stein.

Jerry blazed a trail into the reality at the heart of Jaimaica. As a result, he gave us all a timeless document, which will go on and on increasing awareness of the true alchemy of Reggae music, with every new viewer.

This timeless treasure chest, this insight into the "Reason" in the Riddem, is a time capsule of triumph, containing the secret recipe for the ages. His gift to all of us for generations.

Word Sound and Power

I 've been so blessed to have been given a window into the origins of Reggae. I am grateful for Jerry's love of music, and fearless dedication to documentary film making, without his courage and dedication, my musical education would be no where near as rich and imaginative. I am glad we got to laugh and dream and imagine together from time to time.

Definately worth owning this essential film.


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