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Bobby G





Influence -

Sublime, Fishbone, Madness, English Beat, Bob Marley (and all of his brilliant children), UB40, Men at Work, Pepper, California HoneyDrops

I do this because it's my drug, it's my dream, it's my destiny.


What first opened my eyes to music was seeing the power Elvis Presley.  My Mom was a huge Elvis fan.  When he died, she played his music for a week straight. I wanted to know just how a singer could have that much power over a person’s emotions.


So, I start singing.  Singing all the time, in the car, in the shower, my room, everywhere.  And then reggae came into my life.  When Dave Harvey was driving me to school one day he put on Pass the Dutchie, by Musical Youth.  I was hooked.   I borrowed the tape (and never gave it back, sorry Dave!).  I had found the music that spoke to my soul, now to get my own songs out there.


In 1988, at the local bar, there was Karaoke contest.  I knew I could sing, and I wanted to win.  The first night I sang Be Bopp A Lula and lost.  I was disappointed, but determined.  Since Reggae was my passion, I knew I needed a reggae song, but the only one on their machine was Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant.  It would have to do.  I sang it and the crowd went crazy – I won $25 dollars and a spot in the final contest!  The finals came and I won again, except this time it was a three-way tie.  Unfortunately the only other song I knew was Be Bopp A Lula, which I had lost with earlier.  I told the DJ to wait until I slapped my knee before he started the music.  I held that first note as long as the crowd could stand.  By the time the music started, they were in the palm of my hand.  I knew right then that performing was my passion.


I’ve been singing and performing ever since.  My first band was Lion I’s (1989-95).  We traveled up and down the West Coast opening for Steel Pulse, English Beat, Pato Bantan amongst other greats.  Other bands since then include Red I and String Theory. 


I love Lumanation because everything we do comes from the heart.  I'm so proud and energized to be in this band, this project, this family of believers and doers.


We are all one.  One with one another, one with the music, and one with the people.  We light the place up when we play and create our unique and special Lumanation vibe.


I can't imagine how my life would be without music and without this band...


               Follow your dreams, live your passion!  - Bobby G

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