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As a young boy in San Clemente, he liked to skate and surf and rock! Yet, like many of us from that era of California history, Reggae was also part of the landscape, thus, Tim came to love Dub and Reggae as well. 


Over the years, he's played in the following bands;


Two Flew



The Commission

Uptown Rulers 

Critical Measures


He's Jammed with members of Cannonball, Groundation, San Geronimo, Lazyman… to name a few.

Tim's style, skill, and musical chops come from a life long love of music. He studied Jazz at Sonomoa State University. 


"I love the positive and supportive environment in Lumanation and the hope that lives within each of us for creating music we are proud to share.... Oh and I love Reggae"     


"Completion. Seeing it through and capturing the legacy of the last 3-4 years of music we have shared together. To make something from the ground up, and mold it as a team. To chase sonic options and create vibe and space with friends. Legacy. Artifacts we leave behind. Recording and writing is so gratifying to me. To me, it stands stronger than live playing. I do love playing live but it isn't easy. I want to give this my all."

                                           -Tim McKee








Tim mckee

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