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Here's a groovy clip of one of my fav players, and my current teacher, Kai Eckhart:

Jen began playing music at an early age, beginning with cello, piano, clarinet and guitar. At 15, Jen fell in love with the bass guitar, and began her insatiable exploration into many different styles of music. She has played, performed and recorded with a wide variety of people and ensembles, including: rock, pop, folk, Latin, jazz, R&B, funk, and blues bands, in venues ranging from clubs to festivals; as well as  music for children's performances, and musical theater.  Deeply influenced by her many different experiences, Jen has a style all her own, and brings a passionate joy of playing to all of her musical endeavors.



Always in pursuit of excellence, Jen is grateful to have had the opportunity to study with some of her biggest influences: Victor Wooten (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones); Kai Eckhardt (Garage Mahal, Zeitgeist); and Luis Guerra (Patty Griffin, Bobby Shew, composer and award-winning producer). She has had great fun sharing the stage with many others, including: Coco Montoya and Brant Leeper (Coco Montoya Blues Band); Mark Clark (Ottmar Leibert, Cat Stevens); John Kurzweg (producer Creed, Jewel); Larry Mitchell (Tracy Chapman); Barry Sless (David Nelson Band); Mark Karan (Ratdog); Stu Allen (Phil Lesh and Friends); Pete Lavazzoli (JGB); Jason Crosby (Assembly of Dust); Michael Bluestein (Foreigner); Jay Lane (Primus); and Michael Pinkham (New Monsoon).


Studio credits include: Ian Franklin and Infinite Frequency - DNR Demo (2014); Loyal Rose - Loyal Rose (2013); Murali Levine - Enjoying a Life (Best Pop CD, 2011, NMMA); Road Trip - Trippin' (2011); the Mercer Street Trio - Fireworks (2011); Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers - Troublemaker (2010); De Gusto - Violetta Parra: Canciones de Vida (2009). 





For me, Lumanation is about community - I love both our personal and musical relationships, as well as the inclusive vibe we bring to our shows. It's about having fun, with each other and with the people who leave our shows having experienced some joy and light-heartedness, so important in our crazy world.


I am grateful for every chance I have to share music, and even more so when I get to share it with great-hearted friends and people of genuine integrity and talent like this band. We spread our love far and wide, and I am so grateful to be sharing this super fun and positive music-making family!



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